The Needle Group

Real estate transactions mark a significant journey in your life. The Needle Group knows you need an agent you can trust as you begin your new venture. 

Our expert market knowledge, extensive background in the legal side of the closing process, and experience in the financial and mortgage process give us deep insight into every deal. The Needle Group treats every transaction as a brand new journey because we know how important it is to our client. 

With unsurpassed skills in negotiation and the continual advancement of industry tools and education, The Needle Group stays ahead of market trends. Throughout the entire process, we stay in service to our clients, always guiding with humor, warmth, and confidence. 

The Needle Group allows you to focus on what’s most important to you - moving on to the next chapter in your life. We will be there, behind the scenes, doing the work required to make your real estate transaction as smooth and efficient as possible.  

Get ready for your next journey. Let’s get MOVING!

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