About Us


Our team is deeply rooted in the welcoming community of Sharon, MA, where we not only live and work but also actively support our town through initiatives like  "Live Love Sharon".  You might have seen our community magnets with the same logo, proudly celebrating Sharon. Beyond Sharon, we have extensive expertise in the best suburbs of Greater Boston, having lived and thrived in various neighborhoods throughout our lives as Bostonians.


Meet the heart and soul behind The Needle Group: Dianne Needle, our Team Leader and Founder, and her partner and husband, Bruce Needle. Together, as a harmonious professional pair, they bring their combined expertise to the forefront. Alongside this dynamic duo, we have a dedicated team providing unwavering support to ensure exceptional results for our clients. Our brokerage, Real Broker MA LLC, fully embraces our guiding principle encapsulated in the tagline "Work Hard Be Kind."


Our mission is geared towards ensuring you have an exceptional experience throughout your home buying and selling journey. We're committed to providing you with:

  •          A Hardworking and Kind Approach: We believe in making your experience not only efficient but also filled with kindness and consideration.
  •          Dedication to Your Success: Our focus is on achieving success for you, ensuring your goals are met and surpassed.
  •          Unwavering Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of honesty, compassion, and integrity in all our dealings with you.
  •          Building Trust: Our aim is to alleviate stress and foster trust in every interaction, making the process smoother for you.
  •          Gratitude and Humility: We deeply appreciate the opportunity to assist you and maintain a humble attitude throughout our partnership.
  •          Supportive Community: We actively foster a sense of community support and generosity to enhance your overall experience.
  •          Continuous Improvement: We're constantly striving for personal and professional growth, ensuring you benefit from the latest insights and expertise.
  • A Fun and Fulfilling Journey: We create a unique, enjoyable, and fulfilling environment to make your experience even more satisfying.

Meet the Team